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1) What kind of precautions do you take when face painting?

I pride myself on using the best professional grade, FDA compliant cosmetic paints, glitter, glues and supplies. I NEVER use craft paint, acrylic paint, tempera paint, poster paint or any products that are not designated for use on skin. Non-toxic does not mean it won't cause harm to the skin. Washable markers do not remove from skin easily. The "washable" part of the name does not refers to skin, just fabrics. I am safety conscious and will not paint anyone that is visibly ill (cough, runny nose, fever), have rashes or ringworm, open cuts/wounds, sunburn, pink eye, cold sores, eczema or other infectious skin conditions.  I may paint an arm or hand at the guest's discretion. Extra COVID safety and hygiene practices have been implemented.


2) What can we expect when we hire you?

You can expect a professional who cares about the success of your event.  Please allow me to arrive a little early so I have time to set up.  Therefore, the time you pay for is spent purely on painting and not for set-up or break-down.  I will bring all face painting supplies. I do ask that a table and 2 chairs be provided.  Also, for outdoor events, a spot in the shade is necessary whether that be a shaded patio, under a tree or a tent/awning.  I can provide these items for an additional fee.


3) How do I remove my face paint?

You can easily remove your face paint designs with soap and water, wet wash cloth or baby wipes. Certain traces of color may remain on your skin after washing, this largely depends on your skin type. 


4) My child has many allergies, can they still get painted?

The paints are hypoallergenic but to be safe, I do not recommend face/body painting for your child.  The paints may include tree oils, soy, coconut and other products that some people are sensitive to. If you like, I can perform a small patch test at the beginning of the event and if no reaction is detected later, I can do a small design.  I will leave it to the discretion to the guest or to the guardian if the guest is a minor.


5) I have a 2 year old, what is the youngest age for children to get painted?

I do not recommend face painting on children under 3 years old. Very young children and infants do not have fully developed immune systems or may have adverse allergic reactions to even products that are generally safe.  I am conscious of safety and will never take chances with the health of my customers or their guests.

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